About Me

After seven years of dormancy, it’s time to reactivate this blog! This relaunch will bring a series of travelogues written by this global nomad as well as the occasional guest columnist. My travel writings are inspired by a deep interest in exploring foods and aspects of everyday life around the world.

My interests in cooking were piqued during childhood by three influential women: my maternal grandmother, my “godmother” of sorts Aunt Edie, and my dear friend Dolores.  Each of these women, now deceased, had the ability to make a fabulous party out of nothing – simple kitchens, few doo-hickies or fancy machines, the freshest seasonal ingredients, and a beautifully set table.  To all of them, the culture of eating, of eating with our loved ones, was just as important as the food.

Privileged participation in the last seminar in traditional Japanese arts at the Oomoto Foundation in Japan in 1995 honed my cooking philosophy.  While studying traditional tea ceremony and all of its components (calligraphy, flower arrangement, ceramics, etc.) I was inspired by the simple yet profound notions behind this complex art form:  show hospitality, make the experience both spiritual and aesthetic, put love and dedication into every small thing you do, prepare diligently and then just let life happen.

Admittedly peripatetic, I live in Berlin and Kolkata, but was born and raised in upstate New York and have a stomach that really prefers flavors spicy, savory, nuanced, and colorful! I am also currently studying holistic nutrition.

– Milena


5 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Milena,

    It’s a pity you can’t spend all your time in the automotive anymore (better days will come again!), but all negative has a positive side, in your case the opportunity to start a blog. Although I’m not really a traveler or a kitchen prince, I will check it out every now and then. Who knows you can inspire me with your thoughts, tips and tricks 😉
    And if not via your blog, you can always try it when we can find the time to drink the beers we intended to….


  2. Hi Milena –
    Congratulations on the birth of your blog. This is awesome – even better than the 20+ “pork-related” names we cyberstormed on facebook! 🙂


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